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College of San Mateo Chapter 18 Nutrition During the Adult Years Discussion

Chapter 18: Nutrition During the Adult Years

Topics 1 and 2

Adult nutrition and nutrition for the older years are hot topic these days as people are living longer but not necessarily living well. I have provided links below on a variety of topics.

General Nutrition: (Links to an external site.)

(search for older adults and report back on the article which you choose to read)

Nutrition and Alzheimer’s (Links to an external site.)

Dr. Mercola and David Permultter, MD on diet and Alzheimer’s… (Links to an external site.)

The Science of Healthy Aging: Living Better, Not Just Longer (she’s great): (Links to an external site.)

This UCSF lecture considers many ideas around promoting best health outcomes. What are three ideas from this lecture that surprised you or interested you? What did you learn that was new to you? And, how did this information compare to the textbook and other sources of learning. Lastly, what might you apply to you life, after listening to this lecture.

*Watch the first 60 minutes (but the remainder is very interesting)

If you want to test your functional age, go to the website below.… (Links to an external site.)

  1. Report on your Eat Right article (one paragraph synopsis and your thoughts)
  2. What is the importance of nutrition in the development of Alzheimer’s. How do the NIH recommendations compare to Dr. Perlmutter’s recommendations?

3.In the Science of Healthy aging: What are 2 of reasons behind aging? What are 2 solutions to decrease the aging process? Can we change our genes?

  1. What are the 6 of the 10 things you can do to stay young? If you review all 10 with some details, I will give you 5 extra credit points).
  2. What is the link between sleep and aging?
  3. What lifestyle changes might you adopt (or do you already follow) to improve your chances of a long, high quality/high functioning life?

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