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COCHISE Regional Hospital Human Resources

Using this link…map out and describe a minimum of four (4) organizational policies linked to federal or state legislative mandates. You are tasked with preparing a PowerPoint presentation with no more than 20 content slides (students may utilize the Notes feature to provide additional context, if needed). A cover and reference slide must be provided (these do not count towards the maximum slides). provide an analysis that addresses the below list for each of the four organizational policies related to human resources.

1. a summary of each organizational policy

2. the federal/state legislative roots for each policy (by name and statute) and any industry best practices – the four policies you choose should address, either directly or indirectly, four federal or state legislations, or four aspects/provisions of one overall federal or state legislation

3. any pending changes to the federal/state legislation

4. the organization’s or your suggested performance metrics – how will monitor success of policy

5. your assessment of the policy and associated performance metric’s (if they have one) adequacy in addressing the legislation.

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