choose one country in this realm and discuss what you feel to be its most significant challenge. | Cheap Nursing Papers

choose one country in this realm and discuss what you feel to be its most significant challenge.

Think through the “Major Geographic Qualities of Russia” as presented on in our text. Which of these qualities strikes you as the most important or interesting and why? In what ways has this geographic quality impacted the politics, economy and/or society of Russia in the past and present? Will it continue to affect Russia in the future? You should seek out, and properly cite, at least 1 reputable source outside the textbook to add depth and interest to your analysis. Don’t forget to cite your source(s) using APA format.200 words asap
The physical and biological environment that we depend on for our survival is dynamic. It’s always changing in ways small and large. Humans can alter the pace of this change and change the environment in novel ways. 
For this discussion board, find an environmental issue or problem that affects somewhere in North, Middle or South America. In your post, describe the causes of the issue, the effects (positive and negative) of the issue on the environment and affected people, and also discuss possible ways to remediate the negative effects of its impact. 
I want you to focus your post on a relatively small geographic area. For instance, if you’re talking about deforestation, you could discuss deforestation in the Amazon, or Nicaragua. If you want to talk about pollution, you could focus on Times Beach, Missouri or the Love Canal incident in New York or the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. You can start with your text for some ideas or you can look to news sources as well.200 words
This week we’ll play catch up and cover Subsaharan Africa, since we didn’t get a chance to talk about it last week. 
Subsaharan Africa is a place of great natural and cultural riches yet it remains the poorest realm we will encounter in this course. The book enumerates a host of challenges that this region faces, from political turmoil to environmental degradation. 
For this assignment, choose one country in this realm and discuss what you feel to be its most significant challenge. Also include what you think the best practical solutions to this challenge are. Use your textbook as a starting point, but you’ll will want to include at least two other sources for ideas and information. 200 words
Select one of the maps used in Chapter 8 or Chapter 9. You may use one that highlights physical, environmental, cultural, structural, or other features – just be sure you understand what the map represents and that you can discuss it well. 
ontinent. 200 words

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