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Choose four countries whose populations are growing at 3.0 percent or more

Create a coherent and complete report that explores significant aspects of human population growth by following guided questions. Your report should flow nicely from one topic to another and should NOT contain a question and answer format. Answer all questions in the form of descriptive or explanatory paragraphs. Be sure to cite information within the body of the report and to list references at the end in the form of a bibliography. You may use any widely accepted method for citation (APA, MLA, CBE, etc) or the abbreviated method described on the course website.

Your report should include the following sections (with section headings): title (and your name), Introduction, World and Regional Population Trends, Total Fertility Rate and Replacement Fertility, Trends in the United States, Conclusion and Bibliography.

Several resources are provided in this lab assignment, you are encouraged to use these and to find additional information on the web, in your textbook, or other sources. REMEMBER to cite information. Citation provides an indication of your research into the topic and provides the reader with a way to further explore a topic by going to your references.

Briefly describe each of these nations. What are they like economically, geographically, and socially? Describe the trends you see in these data. What conclusions can you draw from a comparison of birth rates and death rates among these countries? After examining the data, can you make any statements regarding birth rate, death rate, lifestyles, economic status, and social structure?

Based on what you’ve noticed from observing the population statistics for countries of the world, what can you say about what is happening with population in general around the world? Is world population growth uniform around the globe?

Use the current World Population Data Sheet to complete the following:

Choose four countries whose populations are growing at a 1.0 percent rate of natural increase or less (some with negative rates of natural increase are decreasing).
Choose four countries whose populations are growing at 3.0 percent or more. Do not include the countries of Western Asia or the Middle East because they represent special cases and will be discussed later in item #5.
Calculate, display, and explain the doubling time for at least one of each of the countries examined in steps 1 and 2.
Create a table which includes the following data for each of the above selected countries: infant mortality rate, total fertility rate, population under age 15, life expectancy, percent of urban population, and Gross National Income in purchasing power parity per capita (GNI PPP). Examine the
table created above for important differences, and note what you observe for each variable by group. For example (obviously, your table does not need to look exactly like this one):

High Growth Countries Low –Growth Countries

Infant Mortality High infant mortality Low infant mortality

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