Choose a respiratory disease/illness/condition, biology homework help | Cheap Nursing Papers

Choose a respiratory disease/illness/condition, biology homework help

Create an advertisement to promote awareness. You will be submitting your post as an attachment using one of the following file formats: doc, docx, ppt, jpeg, or pdf. Rich text format cannot be used for this project because it does not support graphics. You can create the advertisement in Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, PhotoShop, or another software program. There is no minimum word count for the advertisement. You could also use paper and add pictures, captions, etc – just take a digital picture of it and save it as a jpeg or scan it and save it as a pdf (or other acceptable file format). You can copy facts for this assignment from your source, but not entire sentences and paragraphs. Facts should be short as a poster is meant to provide information quickly.

The Advertisement that you are posting for students should include the following:
Descriptive title
At least three pictures
At least two colors
At least three points of interest in text form (facts, statistics, etc)

Include the following information in email to your instructor
Title (can also include this in the project)
Intended audience (gender, age, ethnicity, etc)
Respiratory condition
Message being conveyed
Web source(s)

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