Child injured by contaminated needle, health & medical homework help | Cheap Nursing Papers

Child injured by contaminated needle, health & medical homework help

Review the following:

  • Emily‚Äôs Act-H.R. 5491
  • Child injured by contaminated needle
  • Casteneda vs. United States, Case review
  • Prisoners right to receive healthcare
  • Rivera Case
  • Man robbed in ER
  • ER robbery Video

Then write a 2 essay describing your thoughts about the responsibility of a healthcare organization as the ultimate responsible party for errors in care or negligent care as well as an individual party’s responsibilities to practice within, not outside of, their scope of practice, and how those responsibilities or their irresponsibility can lead to harm or deaths to patients in their care. Give examples from the videos and /or articles to support your thoughts.

Requirements for the essay:

  • Must be completed in APA format.
  • Must be at least 2 double spaced pages; maximum page length 4 double spaced pages(2-4 double spaced pages).
  • Must be completed in a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file

Refer to the attached rubric for grading specifics.

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