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categories of biogeochemical cycles

Question 6A _______ is a group of individuals of the same species that occupy a certain area.a. populationb. communityc. ecosystemd. trophic levele. cohort1 points Question 7There is abundant water on the Earth. We have a global water crisis because:a. too few people live near the oceans where most of the water is locatedb. it is too expensive to transport water from the oceansc. most of our water is too salty for drinking or agricultured. all of the above1 points Question 8Mutations that neither harm nor help an organism are called:a. dominantb. deleteriousc. lethald. neutrale. recessive1 points Question 9The categories of biogeochemical cycles include all of the following EXCEPT:a. carbon cycleb. hydrologic cyclec. nitrogen cycled. green plant cycle1 points Question 10The reason that the human population has increased to such a high level is that we have:a.Sidestepped several limiting factors.b.Expanded into new habitats and climatic zones.c.Increased the carrying capacity of existing habitats.d.All of these choices.1 points Question 11Which is NOT a density-dependent, growth limiting factor?a. predationb. parasitismc. diseased. floodinge. competition1 points Question 12The fact that the average human birth weight remains at about seven pounds is due to __________________ .a. modern prenatal care.b. the forces of stabilizing selection.c. the conscious effort of the mother.d. the limitations of the size of the womb.e. a recessive allele in the mother.1 points Question 13Stabilizing selections means that:a. the environment controls which organisms will survive.b. humans determine which organisms will survive.c. the extremes of the population have a lesser chance to survive.d. the extremes of the population have a better chance to survive.e. the organisms on one extreme of the population have a better chance to survive than those on the other extreme.1 points Question 14Which organism does not feed from a single trophic level?a. oak treeb. zebrac. mushroomd. rabbite. grass1 points Question 15Which of the following tends to stabilize gene frequencies among populations of a species?a. Genetic driftb. Gene flowc. Mutationd. Natural selection

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