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Car crash while hitchhiking

Taking a look at the ways in which the opioid crisis has become worse in recent years because of doctors who prescribe the medicine intentionally. Also, the relation to “Car crash while hitchhiking” to reveal the inner working’s of a drug addicts mind.

Here are the requirements for this essay:

1) The entire topic is: “Car Crash While Hitchhiking” reveals the inner workings of a drug addict’s mind. The narrator reveals the ways that addiction changes your sense of responsibility to the world around you. Take a look at the ways in which the opioid crisis has become worse in recent years. What factors have contributed to the crisis? The drug companies? The doctors who prescribe the medicine? The government who have failed to provide jobs? Based on this, I wanted to write how doctors have prescribed medicine that consists of opioids and in doing repeatedly led to the opioid crisis. I also wanted to cover the inner workings of a drug addicts mind, the psychology behind the user and also relating to the story, “Car Crash While Hitchhiking”, provided in the attached files.

2) All the sources I have attached should be used in the research essay since I feel that all of them can contribute to this topic. 3) If needed, the thesis for this essay may be tweaked or revised completely as long as it’s related to the topic, as detailed as possible.

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