BMG Medical Center BYOD Project Management Presentation | Cheap Nursing Papers

BMG Medical Center BYOD Project Management Presentation

You must submit a professional PowerPoint presentation for the project stakeholder(s). Each slide must contain 1-2 paragraphs of speaking notes. The presentation must be at least 15 slides. Note that the speaking notes are worth 50 points out of the 100 points.

1. Submitted project overview and project team organization details including your role and responsibilities.

2. Submitted the stakeholder/supervisor expectations.

3. Submitted project schedules.

4. Submitted the project budget and variance.

5. Submitted the project success factors.

6. Submitted lessons learned.

7. Described the methods, professional best practices, or theories used in the decision making process during the project management lifecycle. (e.g. communications management, change control management, risk mitigation strategies, quality management, etc.).

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