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Bioloy 110 non lab Cold Case

fter reading the chapters and completing both M5D1 and M5A1, demonstrate your knowledge by answering the questions below. Each question should be answered in full sentences and should be approximately 100 words. You may use your text, Mastering Biology or other outside sources as references, but you must provide references using proper APA (Links to an external site.) style formatting. For assistance with APA style formatting, visit the Library (Links to an external site.) or the Excelsior OWL (Links to an external site.). Cite your references at the end of each essay.

  1. Recent national news covered a story about a notorious cold case, the Golden State Killer, being solved. In case you missed it, read the story below. Using the knowledge you gained from this module, discuss how DNA was used to solve the case. What was the most recent tool available that led to the solution? In your opinion, is it ethical to obtain results using these tools?
  1. Discuss two pros and two cons of the use of genetically-modified organisms in agriculture.
  2. Discuss the field of bioinformatics. Use the terms Human Genome Project, proteomics, systems biology, and gene editing in your response.
  3. Define carcinogen and provide three examples of known carcinogens. Discuss five risk factors for developing cancer.
  4. Show your knowledge of nucleic acids and gene expression by describing the structure of DNA and RNA, explaining DNA replication, and explaining the flow of genetic information in eukaryotic cells. Use the terms transcription and translation in your response.

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