BIOL1322 Austin Community Coffee and Type 2 Diabetes Literature Review | Cheap Nursing Papers

BIOL1322 Austin Community Coffee and Type 2 Diabetes Literature Review

§A 3 page, properly-formatted, nutrition review paper using a minimum of 4 peer-reviewed/ scholarly research journal articles.

§An APA or MLA formatted bibliography page with a list of all the references used as cited within the paper.

§A copy of each of the article’s abstracts (or the complete articles) that you used in your paper.

I suggest setting up your literature review paper something like this:

1. Introduction – Overview of the topic and general information about your topic & why your topic is important. Remember to not use 1st person in research writing. Avoid using a casual tone in your wording.

2. Body – This part is where you write a summary, in your own words, about each of the articles. You can do a different paragraph for each article. I am just looking for an overall summary of what the research aimed to find out & what the results were. You need not go into much detail about the methodology (just the major things like what the parameters of the research were: many participants; what was tested, etc.). Avoid sounding ‘biased” about the topic; avoid using a casual tone; & avoid using 1st person.

3. Conclusions: In this section you will want to give a “wrap-up” of what conclusions you have made about the topic based on your articles.

4. Include a BIBLIOGRAPHY/ Works Cited page – Done in APA or MLA format

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