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Backyard farming, health and medicine homework help

Backyard farming is a growing trend throughout the United States. Urban ‘farmers’ have introduced a number of different aspects of farming to their local neighborhoods, including raising bees for honey production, chickens for egg production, rabbits for meat production, etc. There is a wide range of rationales supporting the backyard farming trend, such as, access to healthier, more sustainable and cheaper food sources, solutions to issues of food injustice and food insecurity, reduced ecological footprint, and the desire to produce and consume “local” food from trusted sources. You may know someone in your own neighborhood who has introduced chickens or other small fowl to their backyard, or secretly keeps a goat on hand for milk, cheese and mowing chores!

After reading the assigned article, share your reactions and thoughts on this issue. Is this a positive trend, or are there negative aspects, dangers or environmental risks lurking nearby? Would you approve of your neighbor raising chickens or small animals for food consumption? Is this a practice that you think communities should support and facilitate through zoning changes? Support your answers with your rationale and available evidence!

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