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astronomy 4 lab questions

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The Big Bang, Cosmology Part I: Crash Course Astronomy 42


  1. In the video, science is compared to a tapestry. Explain what is meant by this comparison.
  2. Discuss the important contribution Vesto Slipher made to astronomy and the future discoveries that were made as a result. by this comparison.
  3. Explain and give an example of “lookback time”. by this comparison.
  4. How did the term “Big Bang” become popular and what does it mean? by this comparison.
  5. How far back into the universe are we able to see? Explain.
  6. Explain what we know about the center of the universe.

What’s Next After Hubble?


  1. Describe at least two unique characteristics of the new space telescope.
  2. Discuss the type of information the new telescope will be able to gather.

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