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Assistance with Discussion post

Hello I need a assistance with my discussion post. Please answer both questions A and B as best as possible. Please use correct spelling, and grammar, do not plagiarize what so ever!!! My professor is strict and he will check for plagiarism. This discussion is for my biology 101 class. Basically in part one you must explain how scientific literacy and biological literacy relevant, applicable, or important in my field of study and for part b in my everyday life, present and future. Please tie in the hint with question A. My Major is Business Administration and after undergrad school, i want to obtain my masters, work at a non profit organization as an Human Resource manager, and open up my own mall. Currently I work at a hospital full time, as well being a full time student….i gave you a little insight about me so you know what to discuss in the questions!!! each questions should be answered in 6-7 questions or as long as you need it to be but please not too long. This must be completed by 9/7 @11am No later!!!

Dear Students,

Consider very deeply the points of scientific literacy and biological literacy, how relevant, applicable, or important are these in the following areas:

a.) Your major course of study currently at MSU, and when you graduate and begin to use your training in the workforce.

b.) Your present and future everyday lives and living?

Hint: What will be the positive impact you look to provide to your community, environment, society, clients etc. using scientific and biological literacy that ties to your profession/major.

Every student needs to think and reflect very deeply on how these terms impact their lives and professions now and in the future, before making their posts!!!!

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