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Article Review

Article Review

Week 3 Assignment 1: Anticoagulation and Obesity Article Review

Value: 100 points

Due: Day 7


One of the major problems prescribers of anticoagulation medications face is the lack of guidance by the drug manufacturers on how to prescribe for obese patients. This lack of guidance, including dosing recommendations, is due mainly to the lack of obese patients included in the drug-dosing studies submitted to the FDA to gain approval.

Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, choose one (1) article published within the last five years that discusses information on dosing strategies, safety, or therapeutic efficacy of an anticoagulation medication (oral direct anticoagulant or enoxaparin) in the obese population. Use the CINAHL or PubMed database to locate your article.

Assignment Requirements

Write a 1–2-page APA-formatted summary of the article. Using at least two new scholarly sources to support, at the end of the summary, state the recommendation you would make based on your analysis of the data presented.

Submit your Word document and a PDF of the article for your assignment.

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