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Article-Individual or Patient Rights

In the United States, each segment of the government plays a role in the protection and support of individual rights. This is especially important in healthcare where there is frequently a real or perceived imbalance of power in relationships. Challenging too, is the balancing act between individual rights and the public’s health. As healthcare administrators, we must implement, protect, and sometimes advocate for the rights of the individuals we are serving. To do so, we must be acquainted with the influence of policy and law on individual rights.


  1. Read Chapter 6 in of Essentials of Health Policy and Law.
    1. Identify a recent article (within the last year) on a subject related to Individual or Patient Rights through healthcare laws or policy. The article must come from scholarly or professional media.
    2. Create a 100-150 word summary of the key points of the article.
    3. Identify any biblical principles which apply in the context of the article.
    4. Assess the credibility of the information contained in the article. Reference other articles which confirm or refute key information in the article you chose.
    5. Use proper spelling, grammar, and APA citation in developing the summary.
    6. Post the summary, along with the original article or a link to where it can be accessed.

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