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Analysis Paper on Women Health Portrayed in Advertising

I need an analysis paper 4 pages long in APA format. 1 of those pages will be dedicated to a letter (see #7). The other 3 will be a paper. 2 references is required with 1 link to an ad of your choice except dieting ads. Please look over this carefully.

  1. Become aware of advertising about women. Look at billboards, magazines, television, products in stores, etc.
  2. Select one advertisement or picture that portrays women or suggests a goal for women that is unrealistic and unhealthy. Include a copy (or the URL of the Web site) of the picture in your report. Find something that is not a diet ad.
  3. Discuss the message being sent by this advertisement or message. You could conduct a small focus group of friends or family to solicit their reactions. Consider asking different age groups for a response.
  4. Who is the suggested audience of this message? What age group is being targeted? Will other groups be affected by this ad?
  5. Discuss how this advertisement/picture/message could affect women’s health. Is this product necessary?
  6. Could this message be presented in a different format? How could this company still achieve their goal?
  7. Write a letter to the company discussing your response and why this advertising is a concern: Include a copy of the letter in your paper. Write the letter as a concerned consumer or health professional. Do not write that you are doing this as an assignment, as it detracts from the sound of your intent.
  8. Limit the content of the paper to 3–5 pages (not including title page, reference page or letter). Include at least two appropriate references to support your discussion.

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