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Analysis of The Diet Analysis Reports

24) Goals (12 points): Analysis of YOUR Diet Analysis Reports:

Based on YOUR iProfile reports, list at least 3 overall changes could you make to improve YOUR dietary profile. If under in numerous micronutrients (these are the vitamins and minerals), then lump as ONE improvement, otherwise you might put a few together as bone health (D and calcium) and/or how C and iron function together. Many students will see their fiber values lower than normal, saturated fats potentially more than 10%, and perhaps carbs and/or fats out of alignment, for example. If you are low in fiber, wouldn’t it make sense to check out the grains category in the MyPlate? It might also be less than desirable, even though the iProfile does not yet make the distinction between whole and refined grains, you might know from your intake. NUMBER 24 should include:

  • Explain each change, what this change will improve
  • What potential and/or current health/disease state could you help prevent?
  • Include specific food substitutions, deletions and additions you could make (and for what reason). For example, “To increase my fiber intake, I could substitute oatmeal for scrambled eggs at breakfast. This change will help to …….”
  • Include physical activity report if you are including exercise as a goal and explain about the physical activity (MIEs and types of exercise, not just “to exercise”).*

*Should you choose to discuss exercise, you MUST submit a physical activity report otherwise I will not count anything you say about physical activity toward your points for this question. In addition, IF discussing physical activity, you must also explain about what Moderate Intensity Equivalents means and also how many minutes of your goal for physical activity you reached. Again, you would only discuss physical activity if you have tracked it and include a report (showing that you do not meet 150 minutes/week of physical activity) with analysis of that report. This information is part of the physical activity report. In other words, you must analyze using your report and understanding of what the importance of physical exercise would be…What IS the importance of physical activity? In other words, what is it’s benefit to the body specifically? Exercise is not just done to “be healthy” since this is not a thorough answer at all for this class and you can find reasons within the text and power points (see Energy Metabolism). BUT you must include and discuss the report if discussing physical activity. You do not have to include physical activity at all as an improvement; this is only for those who wish to discuss. Do not choose to discuss if you meet/exceed the recommendation for minutes of exercise per week.

IF you are not on target for many of the micronutrients, you should list these together as one goal, discussing how they are related to each other, instead of separately. In other words, do not list calcium as one goal and then and list vitamin D as a second goal. If you are under in both, they BOTH are very important to Bone health and you can discuss this. There are other vitamins and/or minerals also having commonalities as well. For example, Vitamin C absorption allows for the absorption of iron. See the second page of the WHO AM I Assignment #2 (Second page) for examples of how these vitamins and minerals share group functions for bone, blood, antioxidant, fluid & electrolyte balance and energy metabolism health.

25) Directions for writing number 25: (10 points including a depiction of your family tree) or for those students who are adopted/unknown genetics, use vital statistics which surround you as well as environment – see directions under creating a tree for the vital stats – you need to create a graphic either way. For ideas on family tree, see the directions, or google “family tree template free” and check out images; you only are going up to and including grandparents generation. When a family is very large, just pick out favorite aunts and uncles if there are just too many!

Two sections a and b (b includes uploading a picture/depiction/ppt slide or whatever shows your family tree or vital statistics:


In a paragraph (usually a length of at least 8-10 sentences), summarize the main strengths of performing your overall analysis, including 2-3 sentences to comment specifically on use of iProfile to track your diet. If you have ever used a different diet analysis program, how does iProfile compare? Make any comments specifically on the MyPlate graphic as well as what you thought of iProfile.


1) In a longer paragraph or 12-15 sentences, discuss making your health history tree. Do you think you are at risk of developing a future disorder based on your findings? Which one(s)? Do you think a nutritional lifestyle change over the long-term would be warranted? Do you see a particular pattern in the way you eat when you think about what you found as your risks which are in your family tree, or the nutritionally-related reasons for death for those living in the United States? Explain.

2) Lastly, comment on any additions or suggestions and/or omissions would you recommend be included in a future diet analysis.

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