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Analyse and relate relevant evidence based practice to the chosen long-term condition.

Assesment Brief
1. Select a long-term condition and consider the impact that this has on the individual’s physical body
Select a long term condition that has been covered within the module or one that you have experienced within your clinical practice
Ensure that you have researched the physiology and aetiology of the condition
Include some relevant statistics and you could include some global epidemiology
2.  Consider at least two psychosocial issues that can affect the individual living with the chosen long-term condition. Discuss each one using contemporary literature and research
Could include anxiety, depression, stigma, isolation, emotional stress, employment issues, self image, fatigue/insomnia, self-harm behaviour eg alcohol abuse. You may also explore guilt and blame
Consider how the above affect quality of life, self-care, concordance
Support your discussion with literature, research papers
3.  With reference to the chosen long-term condition and recognised physical and psychosocial issues associated; identify and discuss how nurses make decisions. You should consider evidence based decision making along with the values of shared decision making
Consider the key areas where decisions are made by nurses with the patient about their care. This will vary considerably depending on which LTC you have selected
These decisions should be supported by evidence from the literature you have read.
These might include; decisions regarding nursing treatment, medications, place of care, referrals, care planning, sign posting, accessing voluntary sector organisations
Ensure you consider factors influencing decision making such as; nurses knowledge, local and national guidelines and policy, availability of resources, location of treatment, patient’s level of understanding and capacity, the MDT and family support
4.  Consider the self-management model and critically discuss how the concepts of self-management can enable and improve quality of life for the individual
Explore what the literature states around self-management models.
Present views that both support and criticise their effectiveness
Discuss how patient empowerment can improve quality of life but also consider the barriers to self-management (culture, age, literacy levels, language)
5.  Analyse and relate relevant evidence based practice to the chosen long-term condition. Consider what aspects of evidence based practice are pertinent to delivering nursing care to the individual with the chosen long term condition and provide a conclusion for the essay
Marks can be awarded for using current and relevant literature from a range of resources throughout
Provide a succinct conclusion (paragraph) that summarises key points. No new information should appear here
Literature should be within the last 10 years, academic e.g. research papers, policy documents and professional guidance e.g. Nursing and Midwifery Council, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
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