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American Public University Health Policy and Policymaking Response

Please answer the following questions regarding the role of the courts under the U.S. Constitution:

Question 1: What are the core roles of the courts within the context of health services organizations (local, state and federal)?

Question 2: What are the effects of these roles on health policy and policymaking?

Response for each question should be submitted using the text box and be at least 100 words long and no more than 200 words long.


Assignment Instructions:

Please review the Weekly Assignment Grading IRubric prior to submission (Click on View IRubric Icon iRubric Link in the main Assignment List page).

Make sure you read and understand the directions and requirements for each Assignment. Please ensure you cite your references in APA format with a minimum of 3 references (You may use your textbook as a reference and you should have a minimum of 2 academic outside references). Assignment will be graded based on the following areas: Foundation and synthesis of knowledge, application of knowledge critical thinking, writing skills, and organization of ideas and format. Refer to Library Online Resource Center for any research assistance. Refer to the Student Handbook for policies relevant to academic honesty and other procedures and policies related to this course. Assignments submitted late without advance

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