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Aircraft Performance

During this course, four Aeronautical Science Case Analysis papers will be required. In this module, you will develop your first case analysis, which should be a 2-3 page paper/essay on aircraft performance. Your paper should be grammatically sound and free of spelling errors. Additionally, your paper should be written in the third person and double-spaced including a cover page with your name, date of submission, and the topic and appendix.


  • – Two to three pages text (maximum, include a reference page; and a title page)
  • – Double-spaced lines
  • – Times New Roman 12 pitch Process
  1. Review materials from outside sources regarding the case
  2. Diagnose the case (identify the issue/problem, define the significance of the issue/problem)
  3. “Size-up” the case (determine the influence of the issue/problem, decide what was done well, and identify what could be improved)
  4. Provide recommendations (identify courses of action; what would you do differently?)

Develop a case analysis on this topic: Evaluate the challenges and opportunities in the aircraft manufacturing industry following World War II as commercial and military aircraft evolved from piston-engine to high- performance, jet aircraft. In your analysis, consider factors that influenced the aircraft manufacturing industry with respect to designs, performance, materials, development, and production of new, high-performance jet aircraft. As always, draw upon module knowledge to help you conduct your analysis.

You need to introduce a problem and then come up with alternate solutions along with their advantages and disadvantages, followed by a suggestion of your own that will address the problem

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