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Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most commonly treated cardiac arrhythmia. AF is generally associated with an irregularly irregular ventricular rhythm and absence of distinct P waves.  Much research has been conducted in to the best management strategies to treat these patients that is centered on preventing ischemic stroke and other cardiac complications.  AF is a common medical problem and can often be managed by primary care providers without need for consultation with a cardiologist. Thus, a strong understanding of the treatment options and best practices are key for the APRN.  Initial treatment almost always focuses on the prevention of secondary stroke by means of anticoagulation.  The next big question that faces providers is should the patients arrhythmia be treated as a rhythm or rate control issue.  

Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, choose two (2) articles published within the last five years that discusses information on whether the patients with AF be treated with a rate control or rhythm control agent.  Using the information within the studies, justify your selection of rate or rhythm control in your patients.

Assignment Requirements

Write a 1–2-page APA-formatted summary of the article. Using at least two new scholarly sources to support, at the end of the summary, state the recommendation you would make based on your analysis of the data presented.

Submit your Word document and a PDF of the article for your assignment.

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