Adolescent Musculoskeletal Condition | Cheap Nursing Papers

Adolescent Musculoskeletal Condition

  • Discussion Topic:Adolescent Musculoskeletal Conditions : Ankle Injuries (Sprain versus Strain, Fracture) 1. Incidence, prevalence and risk factor
  • 2. Clinical manifestation/physical exam performed
  • 3. Differential diagnosis
  • 4. Diagnostic tests needed
  • 5. Pharmacological (first line of treatment) and non-pharmacological management strategies for the condition
  • 6. Referral
  • 7. One research article that is not more than 5 years old (evidence based) which may address one of the following (diagnosis, assessment, treatment or management of the condition).
  • Pls 5 pages in 2 references in APA format

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