Acrylic acid safety | Cheap Nursing Papers

Acrylic acid safety

I want report about process safety of acrylic acid (30-40) pages

  • Introduction to safety management
  • Process summary of acrylic acid
  • Accidents and exploration in industries of chemical and biochemical and petroleum
  • Process safety management ( PSM ) “ the use and every thing about it , including PHA methodology ‘’
  • Process hazard analysis
    • HAZOP
    • Objective
    • History
    • Concept
  • Guideline for performing HAZOP
  • Process safety information
    • Material and energy balance for acrylic acid
    • Material safety sheet MSDS for acrylic acid
    • Process and instrumentation diagram ( P&ID)
    • List of ( P&ID)
  • Basic control loop of acrylic acid plant

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