AB104 KAPLAN Importance Of Having A Personal Financial Plan | Cheap Nursing Papers

AB104 KAPLAN Importance Of Having A Personal Financial Plan

Once you have completed all the worksheets and looked at your financial plan, it is time to evaluate your information. You will write a 3–5-page summary of your findings. Please make sure you cover the following topics:


Have you been successful in setting up your plan?

Has there been a change in your financial outlook for the future?

Have you found areas of your spending or saving which does not work for you or is not beneficial to your financial success?

Tell me about this experience and how it has helped you to think more about your current and future money habits.

Explain any other information which has helped you understand the process better than you had known.

Written paper requirements:

Paper is to be a minimum of 3-pages, no more than 5-pages.


Proper APA formatting.

Please pay close attention to your punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure.

Reference and cite any information used in APA format.

Include all worksheets.

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