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Adam Green is an orderly in the Midwest Nursing Home. His supervisor,Nora Malone, has asked him to supervise the dining room while 20residents eat their evening meal. Bill Heckler is an 80-year-old residentwho is very alert and ambulatory. He tells Adam that he doesnt like themeal thats being served, and he wants to leave the dining room and goback to his own room. Adam is quite busy since he has to watch thebehavior of several patients who are confused. Hes concerned thatpatients might choke on their food or otherwise harm themselves. Adambecome impatient with Bill and tells him that he cannot leave the roomuntil everyone is finished eating. Adam then locks the dining room door.Bill complains to the nursing home administrator that he was unlawfullydetained. He then hires an attorney who brings forth a charge of falseimprisonment.Answer the follow questions in essay form (3-5 double-spaced pages):1. Was Adams actions justified?2. In your opinion, was this a case of false imprisonment?3. What could Adam have done to defuse the situation?4. Do the nursing home administrator and Nora Malone have any legalresponsibility for Adams actions?

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