a client who is dually diagnosed (co-occurring disorder). | Cheap Nursing Papers

a client who is dually diagnosed (co-occurring disorder).

This paper will allow each student to create a case study involving a client who is dually diagnosed (co-occurring disorder). Discuss case dynamics and provide an individualized treatment recommendation that is based on your assessment of the client’s diagnosis and situation. Refer to the text chapter related to dual diagnosis, the medical model, assessment, intervention, and treatment, as well as six other professional resources. In describing a particular treatment option, DEFEND YOUR REASON for choosing that treatment format for the individual client. The paper should be SIX PAGES OF CONTENT, APA style, double-spaced. Remember to honor confidentiality.
The textbook is Concept of Chemical Addiction.9th.Edition,
By Harold E. Doweiko, plus six other sources. Articles resources must be peer-reviewed ( within the past 5 years).
Please, once again APA format is a must.
this paper is for Social Work/ Humanities field. Since you do not have this option, I selected under psychology, since I believe it is the closest one to social work and human behavior.

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