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5 Peer reviewed articles about 5 spider facts

1. All spiders annually can eat up to a combined 880 million tons of insects.

2. All humans combined consume 440 million tons of meat and fish annually.

3. Spiders actually protect plants and trees by feeding on the bugs that would eat them.

4. Between 8-10 thousand species of spiders feed exclusively on other spiders.

5. researchers have shown spiders not only eat bugs, they can also intimidate them to the point where insects eat less in the presence of spiders.

For the 5 claims above, describe the evidence you found about the claim and state whether it supports or refutes the claim. Do not quote the evidence word for word from the source. You must explain what information you found about each claim and how it supports or refutes the claim in your own words. Provide an in-text citation and full reference of the news article you used for this assignment as well as all your sources for fact checking. Remember the in-text citation needs to be within (usually at the end) of the first sentence of the information that used that particular source.

Must be peer reviewed articles, can’t use blogs, news articles, National Geographic, insect.about.com, insects.com, webmed.com, etc.

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