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3- 5 page summary paper

conduct an interview with a health care consumer and will prepare a typed, double -spaced, 12pt, Times New Roman font, 3- 5 page summary paper that describes the healthcare experiences of the person interviewed and connects that person’s experience to the concepts covered in class. Analyze that person’s experience against the triple aim of healthcare: access, cost and quality. Based on the experience of the person interviewed and the concepts covered in class, what issues/concerns come to light? What have you learned about the healthcare system based on this person’s experience?

Interface with the health care system

•Do you feel that you have any current health problems? If so what are they?

•How do you choose your doctor or health care provider?

•How has aging affected your doctor’s relationship with you? (if applicable)•How do you take care of your health care needs? Do you use any home remedies? Do you check with your doctor or a nurse before trying these remedies?

•Do you feel that health care services were/are easy for you to access?

•Did you have any problems getting to your doctor visits or getting the tests you needed? How could this have been made better? On insurance and financing of healthcare

•Have your health care choices been affected by the type of insurance that you have?

•Do you feel that your income level has affected the health care you’ve received? If so, how?

• Has it been hard for you to afford the medicines that your health care provider prescribes? Have you ever skipped doses or decrease strength to reduce your health care costs?

•Has the passing of the affordable care act impacted your insurance type and /or frequency of

consumption? On the health care system

• How do you rate the quality of the health care you have received over the years?

•Have you ever gotten poor quality health care? If so, explain.

•How do you feel about the quality of health care services in your community (Chicago)?

•What do you think about health care in the United States?

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