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2 Short Healthcare Delivery Tasks


Healthcare Delivery Systems – Week 5 Assignment 1

Healthcare Spending

Paying for health care consists of multiple approaches by insurance companies, state and federal governments, public payers, private payers, and the uninsured. Changes in payments for health care services occur as legislative changes are made, as well as changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Analyze how health care providers receive payment by health care users

Include the following aspects in the assignment:

ØUsing a chart list at least four types of health care providers (hospitals, nursing homes, home health care, MDs, APRNs) and four types of health care users (private payers, public payers, and the uninsured)

ØWithin the chart list how providers get paid by users (insurance plans, self-pay, government agency pay)

ØWhat happens when a payer will not reimburse the provider (should the poor lose homes or go to jail?)

ØIf payors will only reimburse a portion of the cost of care, who pays for the rest?

Healthcare Delivery Systems – Week 5 Assignment 2


ExploreHealthCareers.org has a partial listing of potential allied health careers. Medical Administrative Assistants, entry level Medical Billing and Coding, Medical Assistant, Electronic Health Records Specialist are all entry level positions. In 1-2 pages reflect on where you might like your career to go.

There are no references required unless you need to cite one used.

This is not a formal APA paper, but at all times proper sentence structure, grammar and spelling is required, as it is required for all health care professionals.

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