​Summary paper Include the following in your paper: | Cheap Nursing Papers

​Summary paper Include the following in your paper:

see the paper that is attached and answer the questions based on the information right there

description of the disease ? (30 points)

risk factors associated with the disease ? (30 points)

known hereditary links, genetic and/or environmental interactions associated with the disease ? (20 points)

your level of risk, including the number and type of relatives with the disease (first- or second-degree) and early or late onset ? (20 points)

Risk-reduction measures recommended in the professional literature that might be prudent for you to take, based upon your findings. Also discuss the results from your behavior change contract from Unit 1 and how that contributes to your risk-reduction measures?. (30 points)

Other requirements 1. Use at least three current references from within the last five years for each health problem?. (20 points)

2. Use references from the following: textbook, professional peer reviewed journals, and credible Internet sources. Please obtain instructor approval first.? (5 points)

3. Use citations in the text and have an accurate reference page using APA 6th edition.? (20 points)

4. Be sure your writing is grammatically correct and in complete sentences?. (10 points)

5. Paper be in APA 6th edition style having a title page, abstract, body, summary paragraph, and reference page. (15 points)

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