​Create a visual and a brochure with the Breast Exams’s title | Cheap Nursing Papers

​Create a visual and a brochure with the Breast Exams’s title

Create a visual and a brochure with the Breast Exams’s title

The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for students to apply the nursing process while planning education to meet the needs of patients.


Develop a teaching plan based on an assigned scenario or case. Determine what elements you would include in your assessment of the learner. Identify anticipated or expected learner needs. Select and prioritize evidence based teaching strategies that would best meet the needs of the learner. Describe the resources you would provide to enhance learning. Explain methods that would be used to evaluate learning outcomes. Provide rationales for elements of your teaching plan supported by references from the required course reading assignments. Use the teaching plan format assigned.

The competencies contained in the Teaching Plan Rubric will be assessed through this assignment.

Please follow the rubric requirements.

Assessment tool

  • Patients concern:
    • Ask
      • Patient is unsure what a “lump” feels like and thinks she may have one
    • Observe
      • Patients appears to be biting nails and shaking
    • Listen
      • Patient has an unstable tone
  • Asses client knowledge:
    • Ask
      • Patient has no knowledge on how to self- test
    • Observe
      • Patient appears to be worried
    • Listen
      • Patient thinks everything she feels is a lump
  • Create Teaching Plan
  • Carry out teaching plan

Learning style

  • Patient has a kinesthetic learning style:
    • Someone with a Kinaesthetic learning style has a preference for physical experience – touching, feeling, holding, doing, practical hands-on experiences. These people will use phrases such as ‘let me try’, ‘how do you feel?’ and will be best able to perform a new task by going ahead and trying it out, learning as they go. These are the people who like to experiment, hands-on, and never look at the instructions first!


  • Self-breast exam

Learning Outcomes

  1. Applying
  2. Understanding
    1. By the end of this teaching the patient will be able to explain the benefits of self-testing
  3. Remembering
    1. By the end of this teaching the patient will be able to recognize the difference between a lump and adipose tissue


  1. Patient was able to demonstrate the proper technique to self-test
  2. Patient was able to determine the difference between a lump and fatty tissue.

USE: Posters, props, PowerPoint (creative/ interactive)

Statistics, related photos, categories (signs/symptoms), references & brochure (mirror presentation)

Vac learning style

Blooms taxonomy

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